Emat- EMF Free
By utilizing heat retaining flexible aluminium strips to arrange the heating in an easy shaped mat,
you eliminate any possibility for cold spots. We have designed a peel and stick adhesive to the
back of the strips in order to hold the product layout to the surface during installation. Our high
quality heating cables are woven into 30 cm or 50 cm wide mats which are between 2 and 24
meters long. The spacing of the wires is 7.2 cm apart. The cold leads are 3 meters long.
EASY WARM FLOOR has the only mat in the market
that leaves 75% of the surface free for tile adhesive.
The heating cable has a special connection to the cold leads by high
quality insulation tubes.
Cold leads
Copper cable with a double layer of P.V.C. insulation.
The leads are rated 105c.
Electric Quickmat with
Cold end Cable
Removable glue strips
Cold end cable