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Process: Curious as to how underfloor heating works? Visit our informative "How Does Floor Heating Work?" page to learn more.

History: Did you know? Radiant floor heating has been an efficient source of heat for centuries.

Products: We offer an assortment of different products in order to give you the best performance and easiest installation for your home.


Our Quickmat is the most versatile product we offer. Flexible aluminum strips arrange the heating wire in easy to use mats. the back of the strips contain self-adhesive strips to hold the product steady for installation. The strips themselves can be cut to allow flexibility in their placement. The Quickmat is the best product to use for straight forward applications that use tile or marble. QuickMat's ease of installation and fantastic performance make it the ideal underfloor heating system to choose.

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Our Netmat is similar to our Quickmat. It contains a double adhesive design, including the self-adhesive strips. The wire itself is woven into a fiberglass mesh, which also contains a self-adhesive. The NetMat is a great system to use when leveling compounds are being used in your flooring project, such as preparing the subfloor to place wood or carpeting.

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Our TepidusWire is the perfect solution for complex underfloor heating projects with odd shapes or a large number of obstacles. TepidisWire is made from the same wire used in our other mats, except the wire is not pre-arranged by any aluminum strips. This allows the installer to lay the wire as they see fit, such as manuevering around any obstacles that may arise.

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AquaMat AquaMat™
Our AquaMat hydronic floor heating is for use with houses that want to use a radiator heating source instead of electricity. The AquaMat water pipes are arranged using aluminum strips with self-adhesive backing for easy installation, and contains all fittings needed to connect the system to their existing radiator heating system.

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SoilMat Our SoilMat is a great system for the avid, busy gardener. The system can be used for propagation or localized heat, and are constructed to provide maximum flexibility. The mat is a plug-in unit that can roll up quickly and easily when not in use. The system raises the temperature around the roots roughly 10 to 30 F.

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All of our systems are controlled with easy to use, programmable thermostats.

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